enterprise coaching


A tailored enterprise coaching package includes a combination of one-on-one coaching and team workshops.

Gallup Strengths programs start with the manager. Leaders are coached one-on-one for several sessions to develop their own Strengths and to understand the Strengths of their team. This approach facilitates a culture that chooses to develop each person’s potential.

Employees are then given an opportunity for one-on-one coaching around their Strengths before a group workshop helps all team members to understand each other’s natural abilities and ways to work with each other that improve team dynamics and performance.

One-on-one coaching & GROUP for creatives & entrepreneurs


A one-on-one coaching session can take many formats. Some of the things we can cover in our sessions include:

  • Targeted Strengths development. Actively improve a Strength.
  • Burnout recovery. Understand what got you here and how to use your Strengths to get out. 
  • Creative process troubleshooting. Stuck? Having trouble with your process? Let me help you with that. 
  • Brainstorming session. I’m a #7 Ideation. It’s my favourite thing to do. We can brainstorm your art or your business.
  • Marketing coaching: strategy development and implementation.
  • Email automation development: welcome sequences, reengagement automations etc.
  • Creative business chat. Sometimes you just need someone who gets it that you can talk to without the pressure of having to reciprocate!

Writing coaching with Samara can be booked through Becca Syme's Better Faster Academy.

Coaching for other creatives starts at $100USD for single sessions or five sessions for $400 USD.

strengths workshops FOR INDUSTRY & WRITERS


Are you hosting a industry conference and want to include a Strengths workshop to help your attendees understand how to use their Strengths to improve their performance at work and to focus one what truly makes them energised and happy outside of work? Half day and full day workshops available. These include Clifton Strength codes so that attendees can take the test prior to the workshop so they can get the most out of it.

I also provide writing workshops to help authors use their Strengths to get unstuck, overcome burnout, and refine their writing process. Workshops include:

  • Taking off the pants: Writing as an intuitive author

  • Strengths for authors: The intersection of process and personality

  • Harnessing your competitive nature to win at publishing

  • Writer's block? How to get unstuck in your manuscript
  • Burnout: How Strength put you there and how you can get out


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Partnership coaching is designed to improve any kind of partnership, be that professional or personal. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner as you come to know both of your Strengths and how your differing Strengths might cause points of brilliance and of conflict.

Partnership coaching typically includes one-on-one coaching with each of you to help you understand your own Strengths, and then joint coaching sessions to help you understand each other's Strengths.

Pricing varies depending on the number of sessions required but starts at $400 USD.

Contact for more information

WRITING RETREAT workshops & COaching

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I have some availability to coach at writing retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Retreat coaching usually includes a morning workshop on Strengths for authors followed by one-on-one coaching for all attendees. A second workshop on writers block or burnout can be included, as can group coaching

Pricing is dependent on the length of the retreat, the number of attendees, and the desired structure.